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Malorees Junior Staff

The newly formed Leadership team are looking forward to working in close partnership to strengthen all aspects of school development.

Leadership Team



Executive Head - Malorees Infant School & Malorees Junior School

Ms Siãn Davies

Head of School 

Mrs Sarah Harris

Interim Deputy head across both schools (SLT)

Year 6 Lead

Ms Jenny Bond (Year 6)

Assistant Headteacher (SLT) / Literacy Leader

Ms Natasha Matthews (Year 5)

SENCO/Inclusion Leader (SLT)

Ms Vanessa Danz

SEND Support

Ms Deborah Choueka

Creative Arts Leader (Associate SLT)

Ms Rebecca Heath

SLT - Senior Leadership Team

Teaching Staff



Teacher Y6 - Clarinets

Mr Roger Hulme

Teacher Y6 - Harps

Ms Jenny Bond

Teacher Y5 - Trombones

Ms Natasha Matthews

Teacher Y5 - Xylophones

Mr Tom Goodwin

Teacher Y4 - Flutes

Ms Sarah Fallon

Teacher Y4 - Oboes

Ms Sonia Khurana

Teacher Y3 - Violins

Ms Rebecca Heath

Teacher Y3 - Cellos

Ms Nicole Harrington

 French Teacher (P/T)

Ms Deborah Rose 

PPA Cover/ PE Lead

Mr Mike Cleary

PPA Cover/ All Year Groups

Ms Karen Foster

Brent Music Service Lead 

Lizzie Mannion



Support Staff Team



School Administrator / Welfare Officer

Ms Nadine Tester

School Business Manager (P/T)

Ms Clare Wood

Admin / Attendance Officer

Ms Susan Shackleton

IT Support (Everyday Computer Solutions)

Mr Senakan Sivagnanam

Mr Ram Nath

Teaching Assistant - Year 6

Ms Belinda Littler

Learning Support Assistant - Year 6

Ms Karuna Patel

Learning Support Assistant - Year 6

Ms Mekayla Hylton

 Learning Support Assistant - Year 5

Ms Daveena Thakkar

 Teaching Assistant - Year 5

Ms Saima Hassan

Teaching Assistant - Year 5/4

Mr Syeed Abbas

Learning Support  Assistant - Year 4

Mr Jack Pointer- McKenzie

Learning Support  Assistant - Year 4

Ms Jess Moher

Learning Support Assistant- Year 4

Mr Matthew Wright

HLTA - Year 3 & 4

Harriet Sharp

Teaching Assistant - Year 3

Ms Esther Krivonozka

Teaching Assistant - Year 3

Mrs Sonya Walker

Learning Support Assistant - Year 3

Mr Zain Abideen

Learning Support Assistant - Year 3

Mr Shafiq Glithus

Learning Support Assistant - Year 3

Mr Connor

Learning Support Assistant - Year 3

Ms Tyra Jakeman

Team Leader (SideBeSide School Programme)

Ms Monica Jato

Site Management / Cleaning Staff Team

Site Manager

Mr Bradley Oliver

Marwan Hammouda

Denise Wilkinson
Lurline Sterling Anna White


Thriving Stands for:

Health & Happiness
Vibrant Learning
Growth & Challenge