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Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted that we are in a position to welcome back some children from Nursery,Reception,Year 1 and Year 6. Thank you to everyone for their continued efforts from both home and at school

Please note that it is important to maintain a balanced approach so that every family works at their own pace.Parents should be applauded too as this is a genuine team effort all round.

All the information during Covid-19 is in the link below as well as under the Parent Partnership tab to make it as accessible as possible.

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With all our fondest wishes
Malorees Infant and Junior School

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Welcome to Malorees
Infant & Junior schools

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to you from everyone at Malorees Infant and Junior schools.

We pride ourselves on bringing to life a strong set of values across our two schools, bonded together by a shared vision which underpins everything we do. We are genuinely committed to understanding that every child is an individual, and to providing the environment to enable them to flourish and succeed. 

To support and strengthen the new federation we have a dedicated leadership and staff team who are central to the development of our THRIVING school community.

The Executive Head teacher is Sian Davies. The Head of School in the Infants is Helen Smith and the Head of School in the Juniors is Sarah Harris.

Together, we look forward to working in close partnership with you and your children so we can continue to strengthen and celebrate the future journey of both schools at this exciting time. 


Sian Davies

Executive Head Teacher, Malorees Infant & Junior Schools


Rachael Newberry

Chair of Governors, Malorees Infant & Junior Schools


Video: "Malorees is where......" 



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