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Admissions Policy

Pupils are admitted at age 7 without reference to ability or aptitude. The school is committed to equal opportunities and pursues a policy of non-discrimination in carrying out its policy. The number of admissions in Year 3 is up to a maximum of 60 pupils.

Where there are more applications than places available, then the following criteria will apply:

1. Looked after children / Previously looked after children.

2. Children attending Year 2 of Malorees Infant School at the time of application who have siblings who attend Malorees Junior School.

3. Children attending Malorees Infant School at the time of application who do not fulfill criterion 2.

4. Other children who currently have a sibling at Malorees Junior School and will continue to do so on the date of admission.

5. Children for whom it is essential to be admitted becuase of special circumstances to do with significant medical or special educational needs.

6. Proximity of the child’s home to the school, with those living nearer according to the distance measured along the safest walking route, being accorded higher priority.

Please note there is no automatic transfer from Malorees Infant School to Malorees Junior School. Parents must submit a separate application form.

If you are not offered a place at Malorees Junior School and you wish to appeal against this decision, details of the appeal procedure will be sent to you on application to the Headteacher.

Criteria for admission to Malorees Junior School (excerpt from Brent Guide)

Application for a place at a Brent School

Brent School Admission Guide

Malorees Infant & Junior Schools - Parent/Carer Privacy Notice

Malorees Infant & Junior Schools - Children's Privacy Notice

School visits are warmly welcomed and encouraged. Please contact Ms Nadine Tester at admin or by phone on 0208 459 5452, to arrange an appointment.


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