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Malorees Federation

Malorees Federation

Junior School

Class Reps

Class reps are chosen by class parents as a general first point of contact for teachers and to further help with parent-school two-way communication.

Class reps will usually attend the Parent Forum meetings or otherwise ensure their class will be represented. Please contact your class rep if you would like to relay any questions or provide feedback on anything or if you would like to join a meeting. 

Past Parent Forum notes are available to parents from your class rep.

Class Representatives

6D - Karen Kidson

6F - Ruth Day

5G - Wenda Harrison/Maryam

5S - Rachel Boothroyd

4K - person required

4M - Giles Deards

4B - Allegra Grifatini

3C - Kate Glinsman

3H - Dana Horsfall


2G - Sophie Milton/Allegra Grifatini

2P - Victoria

1L - Nicola Morgan

1O - person required

RB - Susan Ardnt

RR - Angelika Springer

Rainbow - Dana Brownbridge


Thriving Stands for:

Health & Happiness
Vibrant Learning
Growth & Challenge