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A Forest School is a long-term, outdoor education process that is holistic and Learner-led, empowering individuals to take risks and build resilience. It takes place outdoors, through all seasons. Here, at Malorees, we are fortunate as an inner-city school, to be surrounded by beautiful open space, gardens and an orchard. We have introduced Forest School this year to utilize and enjoy this space to its full potential. It allows children to develop themselves through healthy engagement with risk, problem-solving and self-discovery, all within a natural environment in a hands-on and thoughtful manner. All forms of outdoor education are valuable, but Forest School has its own philosophies and ethos that benefit children in unique ways.

The 6 Principles of Forest School;

  • Forest School is a long-term process – regular sessions, over a period.
  • Forest School takes place in a natural wooded environment – to learn about local Communities/environments and see themselves as part of the wider community and nature
  • Forest School aims to promote holistic development – physical and emotional development, social skills, language learning and more.
  • Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks – making decisions and risk assessing their environment.
  • Forest School is run by qualified Forest School practitioners – Level 3 Forest school training practitioners, with on-going CPD to deliver sessions, supported by others who are aware of the Forest School way.
  • Forest School uses a range of learner-centered processes – we are the facilitators of person-centered learning


  • Achieve personal and social development.
  • Learning about the natural environment.
  • Learning problem-solving skills.
  • Building positive relationships.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Encourages emotional wellbeing.
  • Improves the capacity of learn


Thriving Stands for:

Health & Happiness
Vibrant Learning
Growth & Challenge