Malorees School


At Malorees, we understand the importance of Mathematics providing a foundation for understanding the world. We recognise the importance of children being able to reason mathematically, develop an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. We carefully aim to ensure that children gain a deep, conceptual understanding of a range of mathematical ideas, to ensure that our children can recognise relationships between current and prior learning.

At Malorees, we follow White Rose Maths schemes of learning which is designed to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning, as well as to support the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum. We believe that children will acquire a deep and sustained understanding, if they are able to explore concepts using concrete apparatus and pictorial representations. Teaching in this way allows children to have an embedded understanding of each strand of mathematics, so that as they progress through the key stages, they become confident, competent, well-rounded mathematicians. This equips children with the skills to choose appropriate methods for efficiency once they move to upper key stage 2.


Our aims for pupils at Malorees are:

  • An understanding of the important mathematical concepts and an ability to make connections.
  • A broad range of skills in using and applying mathematics.
  • Fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system.
  • The ability to show initiative in solving problems in a wide range of contexts, including the new or unfamiliar.
  • The ability to think independently and to persevere when faced with challenges.
  • To embrace the value of learning from mistakes and false starts.
  • The ability to articulate mathematical reasoning, generalisations and make sense of solutions.
  • Fluency in performing written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques.
  • A wide range of mathematical vocabulary.
  • A commitment to and enthusiasm in the subject.



White Rose

Y1- Place Value Number - Adding and subtraction

Y1-Geometry – Shape, number – Place Value


Y1- Number – Addition and Subtraction, multiples

Y1- Measurement – Length and height, weight and  volume

Y1- Multiplication and division, fractions

Y1-Measurement - Money, Measurement – Time

Y2-Place value , Addition and Subtraction

Y2-, Money, Multiplication and Division

Y2- Multiplication and Division, Statistics

Y2- Properties of Shape, Fractions,

Measurement -length, Height ,weight and volume

Y2- Position and direction, Problem solving and efficient methods

Y2- Measurement: Time Measurement: Mass, Capacity and Temperature

Y3- Number – Place Value Number – Addition and Subtraction

Y3- Number – Multiplication and Division

Y3- Number - Multiplication and Division Measurement: Money Statistics

Y3- Measurement: length and perimeter Number - Fractions

Y3- Number – fractions

Measurement: Time Geometry –

Y3- Properties of Shapes Measurement: Mass and Capacity

Y4- Number – Place Value Number- Addition and Subtraction

Y4- Measurement- Length and Perimeter Number- Multiplication and Division

Y4- Number- Multiplication and Division

Y4- Measurement- Area Fractions Decimals

Y4- Decimals

Measurement- Money Time Statistics

Y4- Properties of Shape Geometry- Position and Direction

Y5- Number – Place Value

Number – Addition and Subtraction

Y5- Statistics Number – Multiplication and Division Perimeter and Area

Y5- Number – Multiplication and Division

Y5- Number – Fractions Number – Decimals & Percentages

Y5- Number – Decimals

Geometry- Properties of Shapes Geometry

Y5-- Position and Direction Measurement- Converting Units Measures Volume

Y6-Number- Place Value

Number- Addition, Subtraction,

Y6- Multiplication and Division Fractions Geometry- Position and Direction

Y6- Number- Decimals

 Number- Percentages Number- Algebra

Y6- Measurement Converting units Measurement Perimeter, Area and Volume Number- Ratio

Y6- Geometry- Properties of Shapes


Y6- Problem solving Statistics