Malorees School

Malorees 'PSFA' RAISES over £55,000 in 2017

Malorees Junior School 'Parent, Staff & Friends Association (PSFA)' has issued its Annual Report for October 2016-17. This shows the school community raised over £55,920 with its fundraising activities. 


With the bank balance of £18,457 carried forward from previous years, the charity was able to make over £70,000 available to the school for priorities the PSFA agreed on

This was invested in projects such as the school mini-bus and the climbing frame, as well as Arts Week, school trips, and maths and sports equipment.

Money was also raised for the Kensal Rise Library, the Rugby Portobello Trust as well as for MacMillan. 

A surplus of £9,350 was carried over to October 2017-18. Another Report, for 2017/18, will also be made shortly available to parents (over £63,000 additional money has been raised in 2018).

The Infant parent body also raised further money for Infant-school specific projects. 

The PSFA is also grateful to the many local businesses who supported the fundraising efforts such as The Property Lounge, BagsofLove and Snipkidz.

In the report, Giles Deards, Chair of the PSFA, said:

"We would like to thank everyone – parents, staff, friends, local companies - for the huge amount of support to make all this possible and enable such huge additional investment in our children’s education. We had a lot of fun doing all this together.....".

PSFA & PSA merge - call for new Committee members

The PSFA and PSA will merge on 1 November 2018 and welcome new Committee members and volunteers to come forward so we can continue to make fun events and support the school culturally, socially and financially.