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The Infant & Junior Schools have today launched a fundraising appeal, led by our two parent bodies (PSA & PSFA), to raise £35,000 towards urgent upgrades of IT equipment.

The upgrades would benefit every child in every Junior classroom over the next few years, paying for 8 Interactive White Boards, 15 new laptops and a new projector. The investment will help the school meet requirements from Ofsted. 

For more information on the campaign or to help us get the new equipment into all the classrooms as soon as possible, click on the image below.

White Board MyDonate

                                                                    The new campaign page on BTMyDonate


The £35,000 is the equivalent of £2.25 per Junior child per week if every donation also receives 25% Gift Aid (which is added at no extra cost to the donor). 


A one-off, tax-boosted, donation

£500 could help us purchase an IT White Board (£3,150), improving lessons and benefitting every child.

£100 from four parents buys a laptop so the Junior School can purchase the 15 necessary after the Ofsted inspection.

Gift Aid will increase a donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. Matched employer funding could double the amount.

A Regular, tax-boosted, donation

…helps you spread the cost but still ensures the school can plan ahead

£10 per month or more...?

A commitment of £10 a month for a year (32p a day) from just 20 parents will buy a new interactive White Board for their class.

£5 a month (16p a day) from just half our parents across the school would buy three white boards.

Gift Aid will increase every payment by 25%, at no extra cost to you. Matched employer funding could double the amount.

For more information about the appeal please contact

Our fundraising page is at






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