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The duathlon and triathlon were great....but can you Moonwalk?


A huge thank you to our superb Triathletes and the children who represented the school so marvellously at Blenheim Palace on Sunday and all the children who yesterday did their own Duathlon at school!

All 18 parents – including PE Head Mike Cleary – crossed the line at Blenheim, despite this being the first event for most of them. Some of our children joined the Juniors’ event in the afternoon, making this a wonderful day out for all the family.

group swimming huddle   

 Gareth      Mike serpentine



The School's Duathlon

Yesterday, all the children and teachers beat their own challenge - set by the British Triathlon Trust - to cycle and run 400km to "travel" to the Space Station!

The Triathlon Trust provided dozens of exercise bikes with distance meters and set the children a class team challenge to ride the bikes as fast as they could for five minutes, run around the field for five minutes before taking a rest and repeating.

The expectation was the school would achieve 400km. Instead they managed to get to the space station and back twice - an incredible 1,600km! 

Afterwards, all the tired but delighted children were given a medal for their efforts. 



A thank you..... and a challenge to join the Moonwalk

Mr Cleary said:

“We've worked very hard this year to encourage all the children to try sport and to create an ethos of teamwork, giving it a go and doing your best.

It’s great to see the parents leading by example and then the children doing so fantastically well! A big thank you to all the parents who very generously donated to the triathletes and the huge number of family and friends from outside the school who contributed.

We've raised over £13,000, which - with further investment from the school via the Sports Grant - will help cover the leasing cost of the mini-bus for the first three years, plus give the PSFA/PSA a contribution to the new climbing frame being purchased for the field".

We’d now love as many parents as possible to join our school Moonwalk – that does not require any training and is a lovely way to exercise and meet people. Please show support by taking part!"

The climbing frame the school is hoping to purchase is sketched below.


Please sign-up for the Moonwalk...

To sign-up for next Friday’s Moonwalk (16th June), please click here. Thanks to the generosity of our event sponsor, you will earn the school £20 simply by becoming a fundraiser and completing the walk!

You can also see a video about the event by clicking here.

To enjoy a free fitness session with Lizzie and other parents please click here

Thank you to our sponsor, Nuffield Health, for their support for the above events which are part of our Summer of Sport. They are offering Malorees parents and teachers a 10% discount off their membership.


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