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Learning Attitudes

At Malorees we develop our children’s attitudes and skilearning attitudeslls so that they grow in confidence and responsibility, and take ownership of their own learning. 

We foster an active, thriving learning community in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation and support. 

We never stop looking for ways to improve and evolve as a school, to promote high-quality teaching and learning, and to achieve positive outcomes for all our children.

Malorees Infant School


In 2014 we introduced GROW in our Infant School to help children talk about how they learn, as well as what they learn. Animal images are used to promote and celebrate good learning attitudes.

We have matching stickers which are awarded in class and in ‘Personal Best’ Assemblies where children identify for themselves which attitude they needed to achieve their best.

Recently the School Council suggested extending the number of GROW animals to WE GROW and organised a democratic vote in all classes to choose the animal to match our two new attitudes. The school chose ‘wombat’ but the E animal is yet to be decided.

 GROW explanation

 Malorees Junior School

Information for the Junior School pending. Please bear with us. Below is a gallery showing how we celebrate an Arts Week.









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Health & Happiness
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