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Malorees is passionate about the ability of music to inspire children.violin

As well as the joy of playing, an education rich in music improves students' cognitive abilities, academic performance and can also help develop our school goals to develop individuality as well as teamwork.

The Junior School has earned a strong reputation for music provision over the past thirty years, with annual concerts, a wide range of tuition and the availability – through the Malorees Music  Trust – of a Steinway Concert Grand piano.

Our annual Spring Concert has inspired hundreds of our children over the years to start learning an instrument and we are also developing strong partnerships with the Brent Music Service and Da Capo in the two schools.

All children, in both schools, learn at least one instrument throughout a school year and will have the opportunity to sing and/or play at concerts and performances.

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The Junior School offer a wide range of instrumental tuition to all pupils, with c.40% of our children taking lessons.

Most lessons take place during the school day, although some lessons can be arranged for after school if the timetable is full during the day.

Instruments taught:

  • Violin – individual or groupschool band
  • Double bass – individual
  • Flute - individual or group
  • Clarinet – individual only
  • Trumpet - individual or group
  • Guitar – individual or group
  • French horn – individual or group
  • Cello – individual or group
  • Oboe – individual or group
  • Saxophone – individual only
  • Cornet – individual or group
  • Drums – individual
  • Piano – individual only: your child must have access to a piano or full-sized keyboard for daily practice.

 For further information and an application form for music lessons download our Instrumental Tuition Application leaflet or contact the school office.


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We are excited to be setting up a new Music Club this Spring Term to Y1 and Y2 with our Da Capo music teacher, Matt Gedrych. This is a music education organisation dedicated to a child-friendly programme from toddler to teens.

The programme is already taught in all classes, using part choir, part percussion-playing, allowing pupils to develop their musical skills without the added difficulty of the technical demands of playing an instrument.



Lessons in Juniors cost £10.70 (20 mins) or £16 (30 mins). All fees are to be paid on receipt of invoice each half term.

Music Club in Infants costs £25 for the term.





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