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At Malorees we all work hard to ensure the best possible achievement outcomes for all our children. Pupils' achievement in all areas is celebrated, whether that achievement is improvement in their behaviour or learning attitudes, in sports, arts or core reading, writing or mathematical skills.

The attainment and progress of pupils is closely monitored to ensure that any child falling behind or making slower progress is given additional support.

Infant School Results 

Junior School Results

Celebrating Learning

We love toIsla learning celebration 2017 celebrate our children’s learning and achievements and parents love to join us.

Highlights of our school year include major Arts Weeks in both schools, a ‘Grand Finale’ in Infants and eagerly-awaited class-led Assemblies in the Junior School. A list of dates for those is available here.

Families have always shown great interest in these occasions with staff, parents, carers and children all working together. 

Above all, we want to spark a love and excitement for learning in all our children.



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