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Our teachers use a range of strategies and techniques, depending on the subject and the children they are teaching. These include whole class teaching, smaller group teaching, teacher or child-led activities and one-to-one work.

At Malorees Infants, teachers often take the children’s own ideas as meaningful starting points. These starting points are built on and developed as children transition into the Junior school in Year 3.

Teachers plan learning opportunities to help children learn new skills and research information, developing both their independent and group participation skills. 

We bring subjects together wherever possible to create relevant links through drawing on key skills and progression across the curriculum.

In Years 1 & 2 we teach Literacy, for part of the week,  in smaller, mixed ability groups of 20. Most groupings of children across the year groups are of mixed attainment.

Sometimes, though, we may group pupils by attainment for specific purposes e.g. target maths groups, phonics or guided reading. 

Highly skilled Teaching Assistants, who work closely with teachers, support all learning activities. Their support is invaluable in enhancing learning across the school. 

In Years 3-6 we build on these strong foundations from the Infants to enable pupils to progress and achieve their individual potential.

The curriculum areas are explicitly taught in order for pupils to develop skills and expertise, whilst strengthening cross-curricular opportunities to make stronger connections across subject areas. Groupings of pupils are established to provide additional support and challenge, as needed. 






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