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Malorees Infant & Junior Schools recognise that sport and physical education is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health and helping us with our Vision to deliver THRIVING schools.

We are lucky at Malorees to have two school playgrounds but also a lovely field where children can exercise and enjoy games. 

We are proud that so many of our children do well in competitive sports but we also seek to give EVERY child the opportunity to take part in one of the various inter-school sporting events organised around Brent and beyond.

We work closely with Capital City Academy Sports Partnership, The British Triathlon Trust, many local community sports providers, including Connie Henry’s Track Academy, Kilburn Cosmos, Queens Park Sharks, Highgate Harriers, Brent Dolphins and City of Westminster Swimming Club amongst others to promote activity and excellence outside of school. 

Sporting activities

Fun activities offered to our Junior children include football, netball, cycling, yoga, cross-country, running, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, archery, golf and tag rugby.

As part of our work with Chess in Schools and Communities, teaching chess is part of our school curriculum and we take part in the annual London Schools Chess Classic tournament at Olympia where we have medalled several times over the last few years. 

We’ve entered in the Fun & Active Playgrounds competition and in with a chance of winning a playground transformation worth £3000 in time for the new academic year! We’re crossing our fingers as the Silver Sports Package includes 6 bright and colourful playground markings that encourage physical play and activity. With a Netball Court, Dance With Me, Active Trail, Jump Game, Dartboard and 4-Way Hopscotch – the range of markings can be used to enhance breaktimes and PE lessons!"


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                           Girls Active Project

Malorees Junior School is proud to be a part of the Girls Active Project. Throughout its history, the Youth Sport Trust has sought to find ways to ensure that physical education (PE), sport and physical activity are relevant and motivating for girls. This project is focused on helping schools understand what motivates girls to take part, enabling teachers to work with girls – through consultation and leadership – to make the necessary changes to our PE, sport and physical activity provision

There are six key principles that underpin effective practice in engaging girls in PE, sport and physical activity. These have positive relationships at their core and should be supported by whole school policies and practice.

  1. Take a long-term approach to engaging girls
  2. Put developing self-confidence at the heart of PE
  3. Make PE and sport relevant to girls' lives
  4. Recognise the power of friends to drive progress
  5. Develop role models for the future
  6. Empower girls to design and deliver PE and sport.



Excellence in swimming

We are very proud of our excellence in swimming. Year 4 children take swimming lessons at Willesden Sports Centre as part of the curriculum and we, unlike many schools, commit to an hour of swimming each week rather than 30 minutes.

For the last 4 years (excluding 2019/20 due to Covid), our swimming cohort has achieved a 90%+ success rate for children capable of swimming 25m unaided. This compares to Brent schools at 19% and nationally the success rate is 52%.

Children who do not achieve the government’s standard are offered financial assistance for further lessons and those that excel are guided towards our local swimming clubs.

Malorees organises the Brent Swimming Gala annually, winning the Galas in 2019, 2020 and 2022




Duathlon & Triathlon 

We are also proud to have every child try duathlon every June on our school field with the British Triathlon Trust.

A video of the children enjoying this on our school field - as part of the "Tim Peake Space Centre Challenge" - can be viewed below.




We have also taken 70 children every year to the Brownlee Trust's Children's Triathlon at the Willesden Sports Centre.

Several children have also competed in the Junior Races at the 2018 and 2019 Blenheim Triathlons - a big Malorees family day out with parents and teachers taking part in the main events (see below).

Our Gymrun assessment Scheme 

At Malorees we have adopted the Gymrun Assessment Scheme to motivate and measure the progress of our children.

The video below is as a result of our work with London Sport and Gymrun.





We work annually with Brent Council in partnership with Cycling Instructor Ltd to promote cycling within our school community. All training is delivered to the Bikeability national standard and bikes are provided for children who do not have their own.


Our Year 4 pupils attending the Level 1 cycling course.


Our Year 6 pupils taking part in their Level 2 'on road' cycling course

Family Fitness Programme

At Malorees, we consider that fitness is a matter for all our families. As well as lots of projects like the Blenheim Triathlon and the Winter Run, we promote a weekly 'Family Fitness' session for all families after school. 

Role of Honour 


  • Brent Schools' 7 a side boys football tournament Champions 2017
  • Brent Schools' Boys Cross Country Champion 2017/2018/2019
  • Brent School's Girls Cross Country Champion 2017
  • Brent Schools' Y3/4 Indoor Athletic Champions 2020 
  • Brent Schools'  Tennis silver medallists 2019
  • Brent Schools'  Y3/4 Quad-kids Champions 2018 & Year 5/6 silver medallists
  • Brent Schools' Y3/4 Team Gymnastics Bronze Medallists & Year 5/6 Silver Medallists
  • Brent Schools'  Girls' Cricket Bronze Medallists 2018
  • Brent Schools' Tag Rugby Champions 2018/2019
  • Brent School's  Indoor Athletics Champions 2018
  • Brent School's  Swimming Champions 2019/2020
  • Brent School's Girl's Football Runners Up 2019
  • Brent School's Athletics Champions 2017/2019
  • West London Table Tennis Champions 2020
  • Brent Schools' Quadkids Athletic Champions 2021 Year 5/6
  • Brent Schools' Quadkids Athletic Champions 2021 Year 3/4
  • Brent Schools' Cricket silver medallists 2021 Year 3/4
  • Brent Schools' Cricket bronze medallists 2021 Year 5/6
  • Brent Schools' Euro's Football tournament finalists 2021 Year 5/6
  • Brent School's Quadkids Athletic Champions 2021 Year 5/6
  • Brent School's Quadkids Athletic Champions 2021 Year 3/4
  • Brent School's Football Champions 2021 Best Team
  • Brent School's Cross Country Team Champions 2021 Year 5 boys/girls, Year 6 boys
  • London Chess Classic 3rd place award 
    • Brent School's Swimming Champions 2022 Year 5/6
    • Brent School's Athletic Champions 2022

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Sport & our parent community

In Summer 2017 we also introduced our first "Summer of Sport" offering a wide range of activities for children and the family, using our extensive field and events around the local area.

The emphasis was on participation for all the family and having fun with activities to suit everyone, whatever their level of fitness. 

Over 70 parents and teachers also take part every year (except 2020) in the London Winter 10km Run and the Blenheim Palace Triathlon. See pictures of these great events in our Gallery

To join this year's Blenheim team, either with the Malorees team or the "Kensal Rise Charity Team" click here.


Community Tri Flyer 2021 MS4

Malorees Tri Flyer 2021 MS4


































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