Malorees School

The GDPR and the PSFA


This policy covers how the Malorees PSFA complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection laws.


What is the legal basis for the PSFA collecting and processing my data?

The PSFA collects and holds data based on consent.  Any data subject (e.g. a parent) can withdraw their consent to us holding their data and the PSFA will then remove it from their systems. 


How is my data held?

The data collected with your permission is kept on a password-protected database to which PSFA Committee members have access.  The Chair may also grant access to a PSFA event organiser to help run events.  It is held within the UK.


How do you use my data?

We will use your data to send you by email (and sometimes mobile) details about our activities, which may include invitations and reminders about school-related events, such as annual fund-raising events or committee meetings; information about the PSFA and the school; and information about monies raised and how that money should be spent. 


What data do you hold?

The data may include your name, child’s name, your email address and your mobile number (if you’ve provided it).  We do not store home addresses. 


How long do you keep my data?

We will delete your details when your youngest child leaves the school, unless you request otherwise.


Do you share my information with third parties? Or third parties share my information with you?

We do not pass your details to third parties, including the school, other than in the limited circumstances set out below. 


The PSFA will see your data if you use fundraising platforms (such as if you raise money for or donate money to the PSFA.  Only the PSFA Chair and Treasurer have access to this password-protected data.   In these cases, the legal basis for us receiving your data is compliance with a legal obligation (as we need to know the source of donations made to us). 


We occasionally use event-organising software such as ‘Sign-Up Genius’ to help us (and you!) when organising big events like the Summer Fair.   In this case, we would process your data on the basis of our legitimate interest in making it easier to run a large event involving multiple volunteers.


Class representatives collate parent data, typically for email or WhatsApp messages regarding matters about a specific class. The class rep will be sent news by the PSFA and/or school to forward on to the class.  The class rep acts independently from the PSFA and you are not obliged to give a class rep any of your information. The PSFA will not share your details with a class rep or vice versa, but both may seek your consent to share your contact details with the other, to make it easier to produce contact lists and keep parents informed.  


What rights do I have in relation to my data?

The GDPR gives you various rights, but the most relevant ones here are:

  • - you can tell us to delete your information and we will stop contacting you;
  • - if your details change, you can tell us and we must update our records.


What if I have further questions or complaints?

Please email us at 


The above policy was amended by the PSFA Committee in February 2020.