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The GDPR and the PSFA

The data collected with your permission is kept on a password-protected database that PSFA Committee members have access to. The Chair may also grant access to a PSFA event organiser to help run events.
The data may include your child’s name and your email address and, only in cases where it’s been volunteered, your mobile number. We do not store home addresses. We also delete your details when you leave the school, unless requested otherwise.
We do not share your details with third parties, including the school other than when we occasionally use event-organising software such as ‘Sign-Up Genius’ to help us (and you!) when organising big events like the Summer Fair. We are reviewing which companies we will continue to use.
The PSFA also sees reports of BTMyDonate donors’ data to the PSFA. This is important to the PSFA so it knows who is kindly investing in the school. BT is obliged to store your contact details and donations. Only the PSFA Chair and Treasurer have access to this password-protected data.
Class representatives, elected by class parents, also collate parent data, typically for email and/or WhatsApp communications regarding matters about a specific class. The class rep will be sent news by the PSFA and/or school for consideration for onward dissemination but acts independently. You are not obliged to give a class rep any of your information. The PSFA will not share your details with a class rep or vice versa.  

We would be happy to answer any questions at 

The above policy was amended at PSFA AGM in November 2018.



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