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Phonics & Reading Powerpoint for parents

Malorees Infant School Curriculum documents School resources to support parents Websites to support home learning

Year 1 Reading Curriculum Summary

Year 2 Reading Curriculum Summary

Reading leaflet for parents


Colour band coded reading targets       This website is free to join and gives access to school reading book style e-books (ages 3-11) including Oxford Reading Tree books (Biff & Chip)
Phonics & Spelling Malorees Infant School phonics progression (colour coded)

Phonics leaflet for parents 

Y1 Phonic Screening practice sheets (colour coded)                      

KS1 home spellings sheets (colour coded)  Jolly Phonics is used to teach phonics in Reception classes   A range of free phonics and spelling games           Some free and some subscription games (from £12) with a variety of phonics for reading and spelling games

Year 1 Key Writing targets                     

Year 2 Key Writing targets

Hand-writing Malorees Infant School handwriting script This website has free printable resources to practise cursive writing

Year 1 Maths overview for the year 

Year 2 Maths overview for the year            

Year 1 Key Maths targets 

Year 2 key Maths targets

Malorees Infant School calculation policy 

Y1 Mental Maths targets 

Y2 Mental Maths targets               Lots of great free maths games covering a wide range of maths skills, some of which the children will be familiar with from school eg. Hit the Button               Negotiations are currently underway to purchase a subscription for the school so parents can access this site - watch this space!










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