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As the slideshow above shows, Malorees has a very vibrant parent, staff and friends community.

This has included the Parent & School Association (PSA) in Infants and the Parent School & Friends Association (PSFA) in Juniors. The two bodies have now merged into a single PSFA body, co-chaired by Nicola Morgan and Afrah Al-Alalawi.

All parents automatically become members of the PSFA when their children join the school and anyone can stand for the Committee positions every year. 

The PSFA works to support the school socially, academically and financially and  would love to meet you and hear your ideas!

To see examples of activities please click on a link below or join the conversations on Facebook at the "Friends of Malorees" Group.

Below is a link to a PSFA report: Junior PSFA Annual Report 2016/17

To contact the PSFA please email   


Infant PSA newsletter - July 2016

Junior PSFA Annual Report - February 2017 

Friends of Malorees Newsletter - May 2017




The school also offers parents other opportunities to help one another or to get advice.

UP Partnership (formerly SideBeSide)

The Infant and Junior School offer parents support through the UP initiative.

UP is a school based therapeutic service that benefits the whole school community by being available to all children and, where helpful, to parents/carers and staff.

The team runs sessions such as the very popular Parent Gym. 








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