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Malorees Federation

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Parent support

The PSA and PSFA are the schools' two parent bodies but the school also offers parents other opportunities to help one another or to get advice.

Unlocking Potential (UP)

The Infant and Junior School offer parents support through the SideBeSide initiative, led by Monica Jato.

SideBeSide is a school based therapeutic service that benefits the whole school community by being available to all children and, where helpful, to parents/carers and staff. The team runs sessions such as the very popular Parent Gym.

SideBeSide Leaflet

Information for Parents


Online Parents Post Session Pri.pdf 

Online Safety Primary Parents 9.19.pdf 

Emotion Coaching Booklet for Parents  

Year 6 Parents –Supporting Transition to Secondary School

Year 2 End of Year Assessment (SATs) Meeting 


Please see below a link to the BBC Bitesize Year 6 Transition page which has recently been launched. Here you will find excellent resources to help support both your child and yourself as a parent/carer as your child transitions into secondary school. There are a number of useful articles and videos about what to expect, how to handle different situations and a range of case studies to explore the many challenges of secondary school with your children.



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