Malorees School


Modern Foreign Languages

At Malorees School, our modern foreign language curriculum is designed to develop the children’s language skills and provide them with the freedom to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence, and creativity. It provides our pupils with the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice and explore the similarities and differences between English and other languages, ensuring that they are immersed in a rich variety of cultures.
Our curriculum allows children to maximise their potential in French, Malorees School’s primary language choice, throughout key stage 2 and introduce our year six pupils to Spanish during the summer term. We believe that introducing a new language at this stage in the children’s learning journey serves to increase their confidence in language learning, deepen their understanding of cultures and the world around them and enable them to make informed choices in their future education. On entry to our local secondary school, pupils choose whether to study French or Spanish during key stage 3 and beyond.
The teaching of grammar enables our pupils to speak and write more accurately and fluently, and equips pupils with the linguistic skills to unpick and decode unfamiliar language. We believe that the development of communication skills, together with the understanding of the structure of language, lays the foundations for the future study of other languages and supports the progression of literacy skills.
A fundamental aspect of our modern foreign language curriculum is to establish our children’s love of languages. We therefore aspire to provide stimulating lessons taught by using a high ratio of the target vocabulary and a wide range of strategies to create a fun, dynamic and caring classroom culture, in which learning from others is valued and promoted.


Curriculum Overview 




Y1 & Y2 

Pupils’ in Year 1 and 2 will begin to learn French through songs in preparation for starting French lesson when in Year 2     


Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Greetings, Alphabet, Classroom instructions, Numbers 

In my school bag, Colours, Christmas 

Days of the week, My family, Age 

My body, Months, Seasons 

Pets, Descriptions, verb ‘avoir’ 

Food and drink - my preferences 


Greetings, Date, Birthday, Numbers, Age 

My town, Jobs,  Christmas 

School subjects, Classroom objects, Opinions 

Clothes, Appearance 

Seasons and weather, Hobbies 

Holiday activities, Countries 


Revision of basics, Describing appearance 

My family and I, Christmas 

My bedroom, Prepositions of place, Opinions 

Body parts - what hurts, Animals and descriptions 

Leisure - sports, What you are going to do - using the Near Future Tense 

Food, Ordering snacks in a café 


Revision of basics, Where I live- My home, Opinions 

Where I live - My town, Directions, Verb ‘aller’+ prepositions 

School, Opinions and reasons 

Telling the time, Daily routine 

Ordering food in a restaurant, 

Verbs ‘to like, to eat, to drink’ 

Holidays, Transport