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Our Governors

The Governors of Malorees School Federation have been appointed from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise to ensure that every child at Malorees is safe at school and is provided with the best education and learning opportunities.

Our key responsibilities are: 

We are critical friends

  • Challenging, monitoring and supporting senior management
  • Governors bring ‘constructive challenge’ to decision making and ensure that the school is effectively led and managed.

We set strategic direction, policies and objectives:

  • Approve the school budget
  • Set and agree appropriate targets and priorities– shaping the vision and direction of the school
  • Ensure all pupils and employees have equal opportunities within the school including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

We monitor and evaluate

  • Confirm statutory duties have been fulfilled
  • Review the effectiveness of statutory policies
  • Review progress against the school’s budget and objectives

We conduct our responsibilities through three main committees. These are:

  • Curriculum and Development Committee (chaired by Urmi Shah)
  • Finance, Property and Staffing Committee (chaired by Ajay Kawa)
  • Safeguarding, Families and Community Committee (chaired by Giles Deards)

Being a school governor is challenging and extremely rewarding.

If you are within the school or outside and are interested in becoming a Governor we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to contact one of the below for an informal discussion or please contact: Rachael Newberry, Chair of Governors through the school office or by email:

Please see below for the list of governors.

The Board replaced the Infant Governing Board and Junior School Interim Executive Board on 18 April 2017. Both the Full Board and sub-Committees formally meet at least once every three months. 

Governing Body

Name Role Appointed By Relevant Business Interest  Governance Roles in other educational establishments Relationship with staff members Term Expires
Rachael Newberry Chair of Governors Local Authority none Governor, Princess Frederica School (until 24/9/19) none 26/9/23

Fiona Landes




Giles Deards

Joint Vice Chair




Joint Vice-Chair/Chair of SWC Committee





Parent Election

Employment Law Solicitor


Corporate Affairs Director
















Ajay Kawa

Chair of Finance, Property and Staffing Committee

Co-opted none none none 17/4/21
Sian Davies Headteacher Ex officio none ex-officio

Caroline Robinson



Michelle Anderson





Geetha Suryanarayan

 Co-opted Governors

Board of Governors



Board of Governors





Board of Governors

Staff member 



Deputy Head Teacher, Stonebridge School






Attends Stonebridge governing meetings as an observer























Stephanie Enas

Chair of Curriculum Committee Local Authority 6/9/23
Rebecca Heath Staff Governor Staff Daughter is LSA to Y4 child with SEND 17/4/21

Tom Erez

Parent Governor 


Parent Election 17/4/21

Urmi Shah

Simon Pollard

 Associate Governors

Board of Governors 17/4/21

Lillian Caller

Clerk to the Governing Body Board of Governors

The Head of the Infant School and the Junior School also attend Board meetings but hold no voting rights. They play a vital role in developing and implementing the strategic goals and key school priorities of each school.


Statutory Governance Information:

Instrument of Governance

Record of Attendance 2018-2019

Governors Record of Attendance

Introduction Letter to Parents From Chair, Rachael Newberry (Sept 2019)





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