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Our Vision & Values

 The Vision for Malorees Infant & Junior Schools is:New Thrive logo

 “To create an ambitious, THRIVING school where every child can become a confident, caring, lifelong learner”.



THRIVING means we are achieving each of the following:

  • Teamwork - we build positive partnerships through strong collaboration and communication between children, staff, families and the local community.
  • Happiness & Health - we promote well-being through an emphasis on social development, safety, sports and an enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Respect - we embrace diversity and difference and develop responsible behaviour through our rights-respecting Promise Tree.
  • Individuality - we celebrate our unique identities and take pride in who we are. Every child can excel in their own individual way, following interests and making choices.
  • Vibrant learning - we aim to provide a broad, creative curriculum which includes the enrichment of music and the arts.
  • Inspiration - we want to inspire our children to be inquisitive with an enthusiasm for learning.
  • Nurture - we support the well-being of children and prioritise the building of their confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Growth & challenge - we build strong learning attitudes and skills so all can take on challenge to achieve their very best and be empowered for a complex future world.


In the video below our chilOrchard togetherdren talk about how they see their school and their aspirations for a THRIVING school.


Attached is a printable two-page brochure which explains the above.


Rights & Responsibilities: Our Promise TreePromise Tree

We have also embraced UNICEF’s 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' which sets out a moral code for developing ‘Rights and Responsibilities' for everyone within the school to share.




To learn

To do our best

To play

To share

To come to school

To look after our school and equipment

To share ideas

To respect others’ ideas

To be listened to

To tell the truth and use good manners

To be helped

To help others

To be safe

To make good choices

To fairness

To be fair to others

We encourage the children to understand that for every right they have –  to be safe, for example – there is a responsibility that goes with that – to make good choices.

We reprPromise Treeesent that in the school through our Promise Tree. We use the pairs of leaves to explore with the children the different rights and their corresponding responsibilities.

This comprehensive approach is deeply embedded into everything we do at the two schools meaning every child can become a confident, caring lifelong learner.

We are fully committed to advancing equality of opportunities for all.

Our Equality Objectives



vibrant learning         













Thriving Stands for:

Health & Happiness
Vibrant Learning
Growth & Challenge